Gluten Free Pantry (by Glutino) Brown Rice Pancake and Waffle Mix

Where I bought it: Amazon (I think.. it was a gift)

How much: $25.75 for 6 boxes

I got a nifty waffle iron and 4(!) boxes of this pancake/waffle mix as a birthday present from my parents. They tested out the mix before giving it to me and it passed their non gluten free taste standards. My dad’s side is probably where I get the gluten intolerance from (northern European decent) but he’s a diehard bread lover. He recommended to add some ricotta cheese to the mix to make it a proper indulgence.

For the first try of the mix, I decided to stick to the listed waffle recipe to establish a baseline. The mix is easy to work with, just add egg, milk and oil. 

Well, just look at the picture above. It definitely looks the part. These come out nice a kind of fluffy. They are just like real waffles, maybe a little lighter. I ate mine with some nutella and sliced banana. T’was great. Then on the next batch tried the traditional maple syrup… again, great.

Makes a great weekend treat and was fun to make with the waffle iron. Next up is to make pancakes with it.

Link to buy at Amazon:

The Gluten-Free Pantry Brown Rice Pancake and Waffle Mix, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)