Gluten Free Beer: Green’s Quest: Tripel Blonde Ale

Where I bought it: Bev Mo!

How much: $5.69

Reminds me of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or at least what I remember of it. The hops come through pretty strong. The first few sips are jarring but after that it settles down. This is definitely a meatier beer than Bard’s. It’s strong (8.5% alcohol by volume) and full flavor. This is a beer to enjoy. I think after one I’ll be done for awhile. Bard’s on the other hand, I could down a few and be good.

New favorite? Perhaps… will need to try a couple more times to be sure. Pretty rough, I know.

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More Gluten-Free BEER!!!

Green’s Gluten-Free Amber Ale

Where I bought it: Whole Foods

How much: $5.99 (500 mL)

The Amber Ale is a bit more to my liking than the Dubbel Dark. But, they are pretty similar. For an amber ale it’s still pretty dark and the taste is just a little lighter than the Dubbel D.

I think for right now this is my favorite GF beer.

I still need to do a side by side between Bard’s, Redbridge, Green’s Amber and the Dubbel Dark. Look for that post in the future.

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Green’s Gluten-Free Dubbel Dark Ale

Where I bought it: Whole Foods

How much: $5.99 (500mL)

Let me get this out of the way… GLUTEN FREE BEER!!! And it tastes good!

This is a pretty unique GF beer. Most that I’ve seen so far are all sorghum. They tend to be a light pilsner style. This is dark and kinda sweet. It’s made from: Millet, Buckwheat, Rice and Sorghum (plus water, hops and yeast). And, it’s from Belgium. It reminds me of Newcastle. But, let’s be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve had the real stuff.

I like this beer and the flavor is yummy and makes me want some bar food but in a good way. Actually, it makes me want some of that Calamari Fritti from a few posts ago. It’s 7% alcohol by volume so it’s got a bit more kick than regular beer.

Next is to try their Amber Ale. It was sold out last time so hopefully it’ll be in stock soon.

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