Gluten Free Beer: Green’s Quest: Tripel Blonde Ale

Where I bought it: Bev Mo!

How much: $5.69

Reminds me of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or at least what I remember of it. The hops come through pretty strong. The first few sips are jarring but after that it settles down. This is definitely a meatier beer than Bard’s. It’s strong (8.5% alcohol by volume) and full flavor. This is a beer to enjoy. I think after one I’ll be done for awhile. Bard’s on the other hand, I could down a few and be good.

New favorite? Perhaps… will need to try a couple more times to be sure. Pretty rough, I know.

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Bard’s Gold Gluten Free Beer

Where I bought it: BevMo!

How much: $9.99 (6pk)

Bard’s Gold is the everyday gluten free beer. It’s got a nice easy flavor. It hasn’t paired well with food, but just on its own it’s good. When you get home after work and just want a beer, this fits the bill.

It’s got drinkability! Not in the tastes and there for goes down like water vis-a-vis Bud Light but in a good way. I could drink a lot of this stuff.

It’s straight sorghum so it’s flavor isn’t as hard to place as the mix used in Green’s.

I’m not much the connoisseur of beer. In my gluten loving days I was a fan of: Fat Tire Amber, New Castle, Guinness, Bass, Guinness and Bass in a black and tan, Sam Adams, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I hated Coor’s.

So give Bard’s a try. If your tastes line up with mine, you should like it. If not.. well try it anyways. The selection for gluten free beer is pretty slim to might as well give them all a shot.

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St. Peter’s Sorghum Beer

Where I bought it: Whole Foods

How much: $4.99 (pint)

First thought… this tastes like real beer. It’s got a pretty light taste. Even lighter than Bard’s. But less sweet. I think you can actually taste the hops. I suppose it’s like a pilsner. It’s hard to put it to words. It’s definitely different than other pure sorghum brews.

Hands down it wins for best bottle.

Adding this one to the list for the upcoming gluten free beerfest.

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