Gluten-Free Teriyaki Beef Sandwich

Working my way through the Udi’s hamburger buns… 

So here’s an easy one for you guys: Gluten-Free Teriyaki

It’s pretty much just those two ingredients above: wheat-free tamari and mirin. The mirin is sweet so test it before adding any sugar if you like your teriyaki sweet. I added some chille garlic sauce to add a little kick. Proportions.. um… maybe 4:1 mirin:soy sauce. I’m not really sure. Experiment with it to find the taste you like. Make small batches. 

The sandwich turned out oh-so-good. The beef was some leftover New York cut steak from the 4th reheated in a pan with the teriyaki sauce to glaze it a little bit. Drowned it in mayo and put on a little lettuce and bam.. sandwich heaven. 

Note: Mirin is a type of sake.. so if you don’t cook it off, there will be some alcohol.